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Bark Outs are just that:

An opportunity for happy owners to “bark out” their comments and recommendations.  We invite all those who have something kind to say just go ahead and bark it out here.

We would like to give this “bark out” (testimonial) or just plain recommendation for the Pet Adoption League of Gem County.  We absolutely love their dedication and friendliness.  We wanted one pet and have ended up with three! Thank you to the volunteer staff at PAL and if this “bark out” can help someone decide to become an adoptive parent to one of your cats or dogs, we highly recommend you!

Don and Rosa Rekow

Don and Rosa Rekow

About PAL

We are a non-profit, volunteer ran animal shelter located in the small town of Emmett, Idaho. We provide food, water, shelter, and most of all love for homeless pet until they find their forever homes.

Needed Items

We could use some pine cones (especially big ones) to make wreaths.

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